Men Beard Styles

Black men beard styles are not much different from white men beard mustache styles. All make a statement of some kind to everyone. In the past, beards were a symbol of a religion and still are in many countries. In the United States, beard and mustaches have come in and out of fashion with the longest absentee period of time from the 1920s to the 1960s. Currently, the mustache beard style is the two day unshaven look. Any beard mustache style for white or black men can make a statement or just had to your charming looks. Beards in the past have gotten a bad rap as they were seen as a lazy man’s way out of shaving and/or those who sported one could not be trusted. Lately, you see young and old people as well as a variety of ethic groups and a variety of professional groups joining in on the latest beards fashions. With work places relaxed attitude towards dress code, it is perfectly acceptable to show up to work with a scruffy mustache beard style.

Nowadays, you can get plenty of information off the internet for just about anything and the same holds true for beard mustache styles for any group whether it is for a singing rap group or the professional. Visit your local barber before you start growing the facial hair to get a professional opinion on the style and proper trimming equipment and techniques. From there you can make an informed decision about your hair growth. The internet provides message boards for those wanting to hear what ordinary people have to say about beards and mustaches, equipment and any additional advice. There are plenty of pictures of different styles available too. Youtube has a good deal of videos and pictures, from the bushiest to the thin pencil line goatees. One of the pros for a beard is that your acne goes away, where as shaving promotes acne and ingrown hairs. If you chose to trim your beard and/or mustache yourself you will need a large toothed comb, scissors or trimmers and a large mirror. Trim your beard when it is dry.

Experts recommend the following for mustache and beard choices. Large facial features should choose a heavy mustache while those born with prominent noses should chose a medium to larger mustache. Extra large mouth and prominent teeth should wear a triangular or pyramid shaped mustache and long narrow faced men should wear medium to narrow mustache. A full beard that is trimmed into a square shape or rounded will disguise those men that were born with pointy or prominent chins. After your visit to your local barber, talk with your significant other and explore their feelings. Women either love beards and mustaches or hate them and there usually isn’t any room for negotiation if she hates them. White and black men beard styles do not vary much, it just all depends on the individual and the look he is going for.